- We have twins who are going to be juniors next year. Sometimes they talk about going to the same college and other times they talk about completely different ideas. Do you think it takes away from their experience to go to same college together?

Ron - Milwaukee, WI


- Whew! Double college! That’s what I call “Ripping the Bandaid off!” I think your kids are going to change their ideas about their college plans at least a few times between now and application time. What I have learned is that it is important to let them work through their thought process for a while and let them know that at a certain point you would like to sit down and talk about it. Many things play in to picking the right college (location, grades, cost, overall environment, extracurricular activities) so getting it all to line up is not usually an open an shut conversation. With that being said your kids will probably end up on different paths but if for some reason they do end up at the same college then I think that would be great. It would sure make parent week easier. They would also have a built-in support system. They will make their own set of friends and find their own niche. We all grow into ourselves. They would just be doing it on the same campus. Enjoy the process! Please check out the college spreadsheet in my book as well. It’s a great tool for comparing schools. There are many online tools like the spreadsheet but what I found is that by making our own spreadsheet we could input the information that was most important to us and weed out the rest and then do quick comparisons during the decision process. 

Kathleen Davis - Author YOU NEVER TOLD ME THAT!